Simple money-saving tips for everyday life

There are many ways to save money. In this post we have put together over 60 easy-to-implement savings tips for you. Not every tip fits into every life situation, but this list should be a good start if you want to save some money. If you have any other ideas, share them in the comments!

1. Invite friends home instead of going out

Activities at home are almost always cheaper than going out. Together with friends, you can easily conjure up a nice dish or ask each guest to contribute a little. A fun game, a film or a lively conversation round off the evening. Homemade food is not only cheaper, but usually much healthier with little effort!

2. Make your own gifts instead of buying expensive ones

There are many creative things that you can make yourself and wrap nicely as a gift. A few ideas: baking instructions natural soap (e.g. Christmas soap) creams bath salts peelings lip balm cherry stone pillow Here you will find more inexpensive or even free gift ideas: 9 meaningful gifts that cannot be bought 5 ideas for better and cheaper wedding gifts 15 sensible and sustainable gifts apart from the usual mass consumption A homemade gift attracts special attention. Nicely packaged and with a personal, handwritten message you create a great but also very affordable gift!

3. Master the 30-day and 10-minute rules

Before you buy something, stop and reflect on whether you really need it. For smaller spontaneous purchases, you hold the item in your hand for about ten minutes and look around the shop a little longer. Take 30 days before making larger purchases to find out whether the purchase is really necessary. You can find details for this trick here.

4. Ask yourself how much time a purchase will cost you

If the 30-day or 10-minute rule doesn’t work completely to avoid spontaneous purchases, then you should calculate your hourly wages. Exactly, be aware of how much money an hour of your working time is worth. Subtract taxes and duties and also take into account things like commuting time. This way you can quickly see how long you have to work for a specific product. Most of the time, this calculation shows many things in a different light. You can find more background information on this trick here.

5. Write a shopping list and stick to it

Only go shopping if you know exactly what you need. For regular purchases, always write a shopping list. Only things on the list are added to the shopping cart, no matter how tempting the offer appears. For small purchases in the supermarket, you should avoid the shopping cart right away.